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Startups & Ecosystems

My career has been around helping startups and innovation developing ecosystems from scratch. Empowering today’s entrepreneurs with capital, talent & industry access is at the core of my work.

Per year, I select 3-4 high growth startups, where I will act as your advisor with a „co-founder“ spirit. We will focus on your biggest challenges, furthermore, I will connect you to top tier VCs, industry partners and AAA+ talents. I also help companies and governments to develop innovation ecosystems. After gathering experience building the Founders Foundation and the Hinterland of Things, I can show you a blueprint on how to attract talent, develop formats that build bridges and drive innovation and formulate a proper business models.

  • Helped to build and accelerate up to 12 companies a year.
  • Assisted in more than a 120 investment rounds.
  • Raised more than €250 million euros for mentored companies.
  • Coached individually +100 founders.
  • LP of Cherry Ventures and Fellow & Advisor at 10 x Founders and Planet A
  • Mentor at EWOR, Outlier Ventures

Startups and Ecosytems

Industry Network

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